Monday, November 2, 2009

Day one in this new world!

I know this business of blogging has been going on for years now, and I find myself arriving very late to the party. But over the weekend, I decided I'd like to start writing about something I love dearly, and know a couple of things about - food!

Over the past several years, I've been the producer and host of a popular cooking television show here in Trinidad, and I've met some wonderful cooks, eaten amazingly well and had plenty laughs. I've also learnt a lot about food.

I live in Trinidad and Tobago, and there's no where that you can find an honest restaurant review, fast food review, discussion of favourite street foods, or even best recipes. So I thought I'd start my own foodie blog, for anyone, who, like me, is a lover of things that make you lick your lips and salivate! (And I'll also be honest about the things you should just avoid completely!)

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  1. I'm especially looking forward to the honest reviews....