Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pollo Tropical - Yuk!

It's not a great feeling this. Knowing that the food was complete rubbish, it's hard to come up with a good thing to say about the new restaurant and drive through, Pollo Tropical, and that's hard for me. Let me think on it....

Oh yes, from the car the interior design of the new building on the south western side of the Savannah looked nice. Oh, and the food was reasonably priced. But the price doesn't really matter, nor the interiors, when you just wouldn't want to eat the food. Talk about bland, tasteless, non-descript!

Richard and I went to the drive-through to pick up food for us and his family. I wanted a combination of different sandwiches on the menu, they didn't have any sandwiches. So I ordered variations on their roasted chicken: with cassava in garlic; rice and beans; yellow rice with veggies; caesar salad; black beans.

It ALL tasted yuk! Bland chicken; soggy and wilted caesar salad (at least the croutons were crispy!); bland yellow rice; mushy boiled cassava with no butter, no garlic, no salt, no flavour! What a disappointment! I can't imagine that I'll be going there anytime soon. Nor would I recommend it to anyone.


  1. I knew it! As soon as I saw the tacky yellow and red paint I knew it. Thank you for saving my money from curiosity.

  2. Its fast food and the portions are small but I would have to say it is not that bad. Try some other places in Trinidad! lol

  3. Lady Get Real! Pollo Tropical Tastes real good and its decent food it's fast food for crying out loud you want to talk about nasty tasting food is the grease dumps like KFC or Royal Castle and all those other grease dumps. I Recommend Pollo Tropical and People you know what you can't go by what people say be your own judge and you will see that what ever this lady is talking about is crap. I am originally from Miami where Pollo Tropical started from and it tastes just the same and you guys have more choices of flavor of the chicken you want and they cater for those who like there macaroni pie. Pollo Tropical is the Best..

  4. hello!!!!!! nothing will stop me from dining at pollo trop.the food is awesome and the staff is well trained.jealousy and envy wiil get u nowhere.i hope they come to Arima curtis henderson

  5. To each his own - but I've never gone back there. I've never, for example, had a disappointing experience at Ali's roti Shop, Shiann's Roti Shop, Wendy's, all of which I consider fast food. But both times I ate at Pollo, the food was awful.

  6. Very interesting since Gaspar has tried Pollo Tropical in Miami, San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Hartford (Connecticut). Overall, it's been very uneven. The cassava (we call it yuca in Puerto Rico) has been as you describe, overcooked and tasteless but other times it's got plenty garlic and it's firm. Well, the Pollo Tropical in Hartford, Connecticut went out of business and the building is not for rent. I wish someone would put in a roti shop!
    -Gaspar Sancoche